A world leader in sustainable design practices.

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By following environmentally sound practices we create award-winning results for our clients.

Pond Studios

Visual and psychological linkage to the outdoors was the driving force in design plans.


David’s practice and passion point to it as a partnership.


Creating award winning designs for over four decades

The Team

Product Designer and Trend Analyst, David and Cindi respectively work hand in hand bringing innovative design to the interior design community.
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Pond Studios

When David Oakey Designs was ready to move out of rental space in an old Coca-Cola bottling plant, David knew he wanted something that would be a tangible expression of his company’s sustainable, natural design principles.

The result was Pond Studios, designed by architect Elva Rubio.

About Pond Studios


There was a time when the word “urban” conjured up images of decay, burnt-out buildings, overpopulation and empty lots teeming with scrap metal, old tires and broken down cars. For most non-city dwellers, urban areas meant concrete jungles, whose inhabitants were overworked, overstressed and living at a hectic, frenetic pace. Even for city dwellers, the only way to get relief from this stress-inducing environment was to head to the suburbs or even the country.

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David in the Press

‘So we said, ‘Let’s be inspired by nature’. You never go out to the country or the park and say, ‘That’s an ugly green!’ Everybody accepts nature. It does us good. So, with this in mind, we designed Urban Retreat – and it was successful all over the world.
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Freelance designer David Oakey will be the keynote speaker for the 28th annual Grisham-Trentham Lecture Series at Auburn University on Wednesday, Jan. 28. The public lecture is at 10 a.m. in the auditorium at The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center.
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