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David Oakey Designs is a world leader in sustainable design practices.

We are students of nature’s design principles and of nature herself. We create our textile designs from the endlessly-renewable, continually-inspiring natural world. This practice, called biomimicry, finds solutions to design, manufacturing, and business problems in partnership with nature.

Founder David Oakey, is a passionate advocate for how businesses, designers, and educators can – and, in his view, must – learn from nature. Under his leadership, David Oakey Designs’ success proves that business can be sustainable and successful.

By following environmentally sound practices for everything from our day-to-day operations to our design and manufacturing processes, we create award-winning results for our clients.

In leading by example, we inspire other organizations around the globe to demonstrate respect for the future as they develop their own practices.

As David points out, “Leaving the smallest footprint possible is no longer an option. Our children will have no choice. We have no choice; it’s ultimately a more satisfying way to do business!”

"David Oakey is a passionate and inspiring advocate of material efficiency and innovations to eliminate waste. He was an earlier adapter of biomimicry - innovation inspired by nature - and continues to be a leader in that field." Eric Brody

"David's work bridges the seemingly insurmountable divide between the extractive strategies of business and the living principles of nature in surprising, but tangible ways. His thoughtful, heartfelt approaches resonate with skeptical business leaders and ecological designers alike." Dayna Baumeister, Founder - Biomimicry Guild

"David is a visionary. Someone once asked the hockey great Wayne Gretsky what set him apart from other hockey players, and he famously replied, 'Others skate to where the puck is; I skate to where it is going to be.' David Oakey's vision of the future in sustainable design makes him the Wayne Gretsky of his profession." Ray Anderson, Founder - InterfaceFLOR

"David Oakey takes the complex, sustainable thinking issues facing our generation and distills them to simple, creative solutions linked to everyday actions - everyday actions that build on one another over time to produce a remarkable difference -- just as David has proven over and over again through his own work and his own life." Tod Martin, President & Chief Executive - Unboundary